Introducing WyzePay

What is WyzePay

Who are we and what do we do? More importantly, what do we want to achieve? Let us introduce the platform in this guide.

WyzePay is a next generation DeFi prepayment platform designed to power the retail industry. We’re the new payments player on the block and have big ambitions.

💸 Ever heard of Pay-Now-Buy-Later?

We all have our favourite bar, restaurant, bookstore and coffee shop which we visit weekly or even daily. By connecting our favourite high-street retailers with their most loyal customers and allowing customers to prepay for their favourite products at discounts, WyzePay resolves various issues in one go:

💰 Enables retailers to get advanced sales – and cash – from their most loyal customers

🙋 Locks-in existing customers and enables retailers to attract new ones. Customer retention is everything after all, is it not?

💲 Enables customers to get more of their favourite purchases for less

⚙️ How it works

Retailers register with WyzePay and set the prepayment parameters most suitable for their needs. e.g., Top-up a minimum of £50 and get 10% off. Once that’s done, the retailer becomes live on the WyzePay platform with their offer. We call it “Issuing a digital coin” 🪙

Customers then purchase the coins from their favourite retailer, making their money go further. Just Imagine: 4 beers for the price of 3 during an exciting World Cup match 🍻, or fancy a bottle of wine at a celebratory dinner at 20% discount 🍷? Or simply save monthly when having lunch at your restaurant? Just prepay in advance and make your money go further.

📱 A brand new and innovative customer retention solution

We get it, vouchers and loyalty cards are a familiar concept; easy but rarely used. Moreover, you don’t want to walk around with a wallet full of these vouchers or loyalty cards. Basically, they have their limitations.

With WyzePay, we’re imagining a world where businesses can get funded directly from their customers. Simply put, by issuing digital coins and having customers prepaying for their goods, businesses can lock-in sales, ensure an increase in purchase frequency, and a higher purchase value 🚀.

WyzePay Benefits:

🪪 Customers simply scan a QR code to pay

🎁 Fully transferable coins: customers can easily gift or transfer their coins to their friends on the app

📲 All your favourite retailers’ coins in one app on your phone

🍏 Coins can be purchased immediately on-the-go using a credit card or Apple & Google Pay

⏰ Take your time, coins don’t expire!

Just imagine a new kind of currency… A currency allowing you to buy anything from your favourite retailer. Issued at a discount, fully transferable to friends and family, and never expiring. A currency that can be bought online, held in digital wallets, and spent as you go. You would hold a basket of currency from retailers you buy from the most.

Retailers you prefer. Retailers that reward their customers for upfront commitment to spend. Your favourite things at discount 📈

📢 Stay tuned: we have much more coming!

As always. Be Wyze. Get more.

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