How WyzePay creates network effect on loyalty🎁

Businesses care about two things in terms of their customer relationship: customer acquisition and customer retention. These usually imply slightly different sets of marketing and operational activities. While both are equally crucial for business growth, one can prevail over the other depending on the company’s needs and business strategy at each particular point in time.

At WyzePay, we believe in the solution that can address the two topics simultaneously, benefiting both retailers and customers. How?

Our digital wallet payment solution allows businesses to accept prepayments from their customers on a closed-loop wallet infrastructure – thus, unlocking advanced sales (and cashflow!) and increasing customer loyalty and stickiness. By rewarding consumers upfront for their spending with your business, you incentivize new customers to try your goods and services making it a no brainer for them 🪙

At the same time, you digitize and strengthen your existing customer relationships by making it easy for them to stick to your business by having instant payment rewards and a seamless payment experience 🎁

How do you create a network effect? By listing your business on WyzePay, you get an instant access to all the users on our platform reaching beyond your existing customer base! As more people join the network, the referral bonuses and rewards can further drive adoption, creating a self-reinforcing cycle 🌐

🤖 Add to it the WyzePay wallet’s ease of use and an additional layer of trust from transactions being processed on Blockchain, and thus being secure, decentralised and immutable, and it becomes clear how we can help you transform the way you interact with your customers.

📢 Stay tuned as we are preparing more innovative features to help businesses!

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